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Our goal is to


1 - a portal, a quantum leap and a radical change in the concept of the process of providing information and providing government services, which are ready and available to all segments of the society of citizens and residents and official bodies and the private sector, investors and visitors seven days a week round the clock non-stop in Arabic and soon in English.

2 - Civil society participation in the discussion of local issues and a vision of the future plans for conservation projects.

3 - Decision Support within the Bureau to maintain the provision of information and opinion polls of the citizens for their views toward topics that affect the lives of citizens.

4 - boost investment and tourism in the province.

5 - Work to simplify procedures and transactions between citizens and the North Sinai Governorate and entities.



Portal features


1 - designers of the web portal be created when the need for compliance with technical standards adopted to ensure that the user of the portal of the highest levels of efficiency in the use of performance and security of the contents.

2 - characterized by a huge portal to provide information to meet the needs of all segments of society.

3 - Respect the rights of every citizen and maintain the confidentiality and privacy of data.

4 - Everyone is committed to the gate within the spirit of one team from the love of the pop-up cooperation and foster a spirit of creativity.

5 - to achieve the principle of complementarity between the Portal and all entities of the province and civil society participation in the development of conceptions of the future plans of the province.



Our mission is to



1 - working to stimulate the public to the world of technology integration with the new information and make use of advanced information and communication technology an integral part of daily transactions.

2 - Skip the geographical distance of the North Sinai to the prospects of global competition for the provision of data and government services to citizens and residents at any time which will lead in turn to highlight the positive effects of the uses of information technology to achieve high levels of competitiveness and transparency in Alaatmal government.

3 - direct interaction and communication between the province and the various entities and between the citizens and investors and tourists through a network of international information in order to achieve improved performance of public services and building a knowledge society and increase investment opportunities in North Sinai Governorate and tourism within the province.

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