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Investment services

Services provided by the province to investors

- Providing the necessary evidence to identify the procedures and documents required to implement projects in the governorate.

- Follow-up on the implementation of projects and work to overcome the obstacles that it may face during construction and operation.

- Identifying the needs of investors from all parties related to investments, banks, the Social Fund, and business facilitation centers, and coordinating with them to meet these needs.

- Providing preliminary feasibility studies for some projects and providing technical support.

- Providing the necessary data and information to assist in the preparation of feasibility studies.

- Preparing a list of promising investment opportunities in the governorate.

- Simplifying procedures and performing services for investors who are hesitant to maintain the governorate, removing obstacles in front of them, and providing confidence between the investor and the governorate’s agencies.

- Interviewing investors and presenting investment opportunities available in the governorate.

- Coordination with the parties concerned with investment (the General Authority for Investment - the National Authority for the Development of the Sinai Peninsula - the General Authority for Tourism Development - the General Industrial Development Authority - the Armed Forces Operations Authority - the Environmental Affairs Agency - the General Authority for Fisheries - the Ministry of Agriculture).

- The investment office provides a complete file on the project that the investor wishes to establish, including the required data, decisions and obligations.

- Coordination with the Urban Planning Department - State Property Department - Survey Directorate and the National Authority for the Development of the Sinai Peninsula regarding the locations of lands allocated for investment in its various sectors.

- The office coordinates and follows up with the competent authorities to implement utilities works in the industrial areas.

- Receiving completed investors' requests according to the forms prepared for this.

- Presenting projects submitted by investors to the Permanent Committee for Investment and the relevant committees to study the project and express an opinion.

- Follow-up on the investor's implementation of the works on the project site in accordance with the privatization decision and on a regular basis.

- Study the case of stalled and stalled projects and search for appropriate solutions to restart them.

- Receive investor complaints and contact the concerned authorities to find appropriate solutions.

Necessary approvals and contracting procedures

1. Apply for the establishment of the project according to the application form for the establishment of an investment project

2. Approval of the Permanent Investment Committee formed by the decision of the Governor No. (204) of 2015 for all projects.

3. The approval of the Industrial Zones Board of Directors for industrial projects within the industrial zones.

4. The approval of the National Authority for the Development of the Sinai Peninsula for all projects.

5. The approval of the Armed Forces Operations Authority for projects outside the industrial zones and city cordons.

6. The approval of the Tourism Development Authority for tourism projects.

7. The approval of the Industrial Development Authority for industrial projects.

To inquire:

Investors Service Office

Telefax: 068/3322451


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