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History of sinai
Sinai in the Pharaonic era

Key events
Since the Pharaonic era, and the kings of Egypt at that time living castles and towers in the Sinai between the head of the Gulf of Suez and mouth section Albelozy to secure the borders of Egypt has Invading army insurance of the ways to achieve security and peace among the people, It is the oldest of those castles castle (Farma),the  Mohamadeya , then Castle El hven, and Castle mountain Elmaghara. 
And was the beginning of the planned colonial to separate the Sinai and isolate Egypt when released in 1911 special law on administrative and judicial system to the province of Sinai came in Articles I and  the provisions Act shall apply to the Sinai Peninsula and remain conservat management Sinai belonging hostilities without the other he has to entrust the manement  officer designated for this purpose since theto the head of Taba incident from 1906 to1946 of the conservative governing the Sinai from the English.
So I played historic role Sinai and fateful milestone the history of Egypt review the most important events in the following.
(Sinai in the Pharaonic era )

by the son of Ahmose Seqenenre attacked the Hyksos in their capital Laawaris (South East Tanis now Delta) until it fell after three campaigns, and then chased the Hyksos, who fled across the Sinai and holed up in Fort Harohn in the Gaza area where the trapped there for three years in a row then broke into fort and fled the remains of the Hyksos did not appears second time in history, and the establishment of the rule of Dynasty 18. 1575-1725 BC.M.
Hatshepsut expanded to exploit the mines of Sinai and re-opened 1490-1469 BC.M.
crawl Tuthmosis of Tharu beginner near Kantara currently occupied Borahm and Asians were led by the king of Kadesh had occupied Megiddo (Alljion on the side of Mount Caramel) and made it an impregnable fortress, crawl Tuthmosis on his enemies and fighting broke out Megiddo northern Palestine categorically distance is 230 miles in 21 days in two phases, the first one of the arch to Gaza in Palestine and the amount of 150 miles in ten days and the second from Gaza to Mount Caramel and defeated the enemy, followed by the armies of Tuthmosis to the city walls and beat him, then laid siege to Megiddo, and narrow it down even forced it to recognize and it was the Battle of Megiddo critical that fled after the king of Kadesh Forces, followed by Egypt victorious infiltrated northern Syria, until he reached the Euphrates, has reached the cities that denounced him in the north of Palestine in the campaign.  1436-1479 BC.M.
119 cities including Beirut, Damascus and returned to Egypt victoriously In the passengers of thousands of prisoners and hundreds of chariots and nearly two thousand horse in the following year he campaigns across the Sinai campaign, the last one was directed against Cadiz and its ruler in the third year and triangular Thein fought the king of Mitanni and defeated him and continued Tuthmosis fighting for several years to secure the country until the subjected West Asia before his death - Amenhotep II (son of Thutmose III) crawling across the Sinai to quell revolution and the country Naharin Mitani and northern Phoenicia and overcome them. 1436-1479 BC.M
Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) neglected military affairs and devote themselves to the worship of Aten becoming more and win the neighboring kingdoms, so they dominate some parts of the Sinai 1406 BC. M.
Egypt gradually lose its influence in the regions and neighboring countries. 1358 BC. M.
commander Horemheb holding the reins of power after the death of Tutankhamun, and establishes the family of the nineteenth and impose state control over the Sinai and on the Military Road and pave the way for the Empire (the second). Horemheb is spearheading a campaign to Syria to support the Sultan of Egypt in the U.S., which was almost independent of Independent of its affairs transient Sinai  1350 BC. M.
" Ramses II is a major campaign is out of the Tharu (arch), bringing to Kadesh, and clashed with the forces of the Hittites and defeated them, and making peace with them. 1288 BC. M.
Khtasar" king of the Hittites sent a delegation to Ramses II to the request of the peace and friendship agreement. 1272 BC. M.
Ramses I ascend the throne of Egypt after he was commander of the garrison of the Sinai and primarily responsible for passing the Military Road in Sina 1243 BC. M.
 Did not respond to the people of Moses to his desire to enter Palestine solution to the wrath of God and has forbidden them to enter forty years wander in the Sinai. And Matt Moses and Aaron in Sinai in the wilderness and dies first, Aaron, and was buried in Mount Hood, and Moses died and was buried in the dune red, a place close to the land of Palestine, but is not known now.  1213 BC. M.
income children of Israel, Palestine, led by "Joshua" a adorers of Moses and after 200 years of this provision the rule of David taking on the state of Israel from Jerusalem as his capital for 44 years from 1004 BC. 1200 BC. M.
he rule of our Lord Solomon, the State of Israel for 35 years and is credited to the construction of temples and the temple city of Jerusalem, and researchers believe that there are similarities in design between the main temple of the Jews in Jerusalem and the temple in the Egyptian ( Asrabit Elkhadem) currently located next to the Monastery of St. Catherine where the presence of the Jews for forty years. 960 BC. M.
Sheshonq the first king of Egypt attacked Israel and its leader, King (Rehoboam the son of King Solomon), have been destroyed Jerusalem and spa owners and take the treasure house of the Lord of Judah and the king's house and thousands of shields, gold made in the reign of King Solomon, I have taken news of this campaign on the walls of the Temple of Karnak. Shashank is the first campaign where the lightning destroys Alihodbp dozens of cities and colonies, which in plain Iserl and east of the Jordan Valley. Psammetik first unite his forces and defeated the Assyrian forces in the first battle, and equip an army to invade Syria seized the Sinai by crossing on Gaza, Ashkelon and Ashdod surrounded Nekhaw (Son of Psammetik I) creeping north through the Sinai 926 BC. M.
Jerusalem fell to the hands of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and the families of one of the prophets of  Bani Israel, named Jeremiah, one of the greatest prophets and was released and emigrated to Egypt with some of the Jews.  856 BC.M.
Shabaca m (Kihenw son) king of Egypt, out of the Sinai and cross Shabashi dock Army Sargon king of Assyria, in Rafah and defeat his forces in this battle 725 BC.M.
establishment of a Jewish colony in the city of Elephantine, near Aswan now and when the children of Alexander the Great Alexandria assigned a neighborhood for Jews to be potential Ibrahimieh current in Alexandria, where there are graves for the Jews and the spread of synagogues in Egypt in the Ptolemaic era 700 BC. M.
Sennacherib king of Assyria crawls on the Sinai and blockading the city Bloziom land, sea and turned away defeated after a great wind blew his forces scattered.  699 BC. M.
occupied Cyrus king of Persia, Babylon and allowed the children of Israel to return to Palestine and rebuild the temple and fired the Persians to the people of Judah, the name of the Jews. The Torah and travel since the days of Moses are traded orally until the family Babylonian 586 BC He returned to Jerusalem, a priest named Ezra (Uzayr), who began to write parts of the Old Testament through the important cross his heart and the idea and contributed to the building of the Temple and fired upon Ezra the Son of God. The researchers believe that the Torah scrolls had been taken image of the present medical requirements ie 300 BC after Moses, 900 years old, and has reached the armies of Cyrus to the borders of Egypt, but bounced back to his death 538 BC. M.
Cambyses son of Cyrus the Persian king defeated Psammetik the third pharaoh of Egypt, where enter the city Bloziom committing treachery against the betrayal and capture the king of Egypt.  525 BC. M.
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