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History of sinai
Sinai and the revolution of 23 July, 1952
The Free Officers appointed Major-General Mohammed Naguib leader of the revolution and the president of Egypt after he was an agent for the province of Sinai has been involved battalions armored troops stationed in Al-Arish in the siege of Abdeen Palace headquarters of the King dawn July 23 It is known that Major General Mohammed Naguib (may God have mercy on him) was the relationship with friendship and affection with a large number of senior families and individuals in El-Arish and was among the first regions of the Republic which he had visited after taking office. 23-July-1952
Egyptian horticultural interest you create a farm on the land of El-Arish area of 70 acres. 1952 M.
Appointment of Major General / Mohamed Gamal El Din Alshabasy governor of the Sinai. 1952 M.
In the Fifth Zionist Congress called David Wuterich, a leading member in this conference to establish a Greater Palestine, which includes the banner of Palestine, Sinai, Cyprus and the then active and wide to spread the call between the Jews of the world. 1952 M.
The company started in Eastern Petroleum activity in the Sinai following the stop foreign companies from engaging in activity. The company was awarded the concession for oil in 17 areas in Sinai and the surface area of the franchise in 2781 km 2 and the company has drilled 147 wells 1953 M.
Appointment of Major General / Yousef Hussain governor of the Sinai 1954 M.
Israeli raid on the area Alkuntlea Sinai near the Gulf of Aqaba. 12-October-1955
Appointment of Major General / Samir Tawfik governor of the Sinai 1955 M.
Company Sina Manganese exploit manganese in the area of Umm Bjma through 26 mines. 1956 M.
An official spokesman announced that the Israeli commandos Egyptians who work in the Gaza Strip and the Sinai may have resumed their activity on Israeli territory 25-October-1956
Tripartite aggression against Egypt was the Alliance of Israel, France and Britain against Egypt and cross the Israeli troops Sinai and the occupation and the Declaration included the Sinai to Israel officially as Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Goren told the Knesset the Israeli annexation of the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip to a small patch of Israel. 31-October-1956
Agreement between Egypt and the United Nations to develop international peacekeeping force in Sinai 08-February-1957
The start of the withdrawal of the invading forces and the withdrawal of Israel from the Sinai 06-March-1957
Appointment of Major General / Mohamed Fouad Shukri governor of the Sinai 1957 M.
Abordes petroleum field discovery in south Sinai. 1957 M.
Conference of the peoples of the National Union town of El Arish attended by the team / Mohammed Ibrahim, Minister of State at the time. 1960 M.
 The first time , which represents the Sinai in parliament by two deputies, Mr. / Awad Hussein Khalil and Mr. Abusslma / Salem Al Yamani. 1960 M.
Services Project to offer mobile services to the people of Sinai, and the different groupings, a term for medical services and social affairs and equipped with a convoy of Information and Administrative Affairs Group. 01-January-1961
Appointment of Major General / Mohamed Zain 1961 M.
al Abidin as Governor of the Sinai. 1961 M.
Start a comprehensive education for the people of Sinai in order to provide education and subsistence to all the people of Sinai. 1961 M.
Appointment of Major General / Mohamed Abdel-Moneim Alqurmani governor of the Sinai. 1962 M.
Start a reconstruction centers in Sinai desert to find a simplified service centers amid the Bedouin settlements in the Sinai. 1964 M.
Start of the Elmaghara exploit coal in Sinai, which was discovered by a people of Sinai, a geological Darwish Elfar and got the State Prize for this discovery . 1964 M.
Sinai jumps production of oil at 80% of the total Egyptian production of oil. 1967 M.
Source: - Information Center
 Release date: - April 2010
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