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History of sinai
Sinai and the Israeli occupation
decision to send the crowd response to the Egyptian Sinai on the Israeli crowd on the Syrian border . 13-May-1967
Egypt requests the withdrawal of international peace keeping forces from the Sinai . 16-May-1967
President Nasser issued a decision to close the Straits of Tiran and Sanafir in the face of Israeli navigation. 17-May-1967
Israeli war against Egypt in the third and Syria, and the occupation of Sinai and the Golan Heights and the West Bank . 05-Jun-1967
Israeli forces besieged and bombarded the city of El Arish and occupied . 07-Jun-1967
A general strike town of El Arish to announce the rejection of the occupation and population policy and the determination to liberate the land. 19-Aug-1967
Israel begins to establish the nucleus of the first Israeli settlement on the land of Sinai, on behalf of (Nahal Yam) in the Sinai region Mosafek . 01-Oct-1967
The issuance of UN Resolution 242, which calls on Israel to withdraw from territories occupied in June 19 67. 22-Nov-1967
Newspaper Financial Times (UK) estimated the maximum capacity for the production of oil wells Sinai, some 40 million tons per year. 1968 M.
Sinai sheikhs announces its rejection of the internationalization of the Sinai in the City in the good and the presence of Israeli Defense Minister. 22-Oct-1968
Start a war of attrition after the failure of diplomatic negotiations . 09-Mar-1969
Bulls Organization Sinai Arabic using missiles for the first time in the command center and hit the radar of Israeli forces in the area of the tower east of Kantara East at about 18 0 km 23-Mar-1969
The Organization of Arab Sinai issued a statement claiming responsibility for 34 military operation against Israeli troops in the Sinai during the week. 25-Mar-1969
The Organization of Arab Sinai hit the airport of El Arish and Sinai in the Israeli settlement of Nahal. 31-Aug-1969
Israeli authorities responsible for resettlement begins more attention towards northern Sinai region of 0 and began planning for the establishment of three agricultural settlements there as the beginning of Judaizing the region 'after the Israeli settlement colonies depends on the security only . 1971 M.
profits of Israel from the Sinai oil 110 million pounds sterling and planting flowers and vegetables in northern Sinai $ 60 million (in Rafah). 1971 M.
Issuance of Presidential Decree formation of the first local council to the province of Sinai in the Diaspora. 25-Oct-1971
Statement to the valleys and the Israeli Dayain Minister in the newspaper Haaretz (Israel has spent about 800 million pounds on the front of Israeli Sinai) . 14-Dec-1972
Source: - Information Center
 Release date: - April 2010
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