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History of sinai
Sinai and the recovery of dignity in the Tenth of Ramadan
victory of the Arab forces in the fourth round of this war and became a turning point in Arab-Israeli conflict and in restoring the legitimate rights of the people of Palestine and the Egyptian army bearing the greatest burden in this war and restored the dignity of great people of Egypt after the defeat of 1967. 6 October, 1973 -
10 Ramadan 1393 H
Security Council meeting at the invitation urgent America and Russia to stop the fighting and the implementation of resolution (242) all items immediately, and acceptance of Egypt's decision to cease Stop firing
 lasted for more than 17 days (but Israel does not comply with the decision and continued its military operations), but relented in the end.
22 October 1973
Start of military talks Kilo 101 between Egypt and Israel . 27 October 1973
The first disengagement between Israeli and Egyptian forces. 24 January 1974
Issuance of Presidential Decree No. 811 as the province of Sinai and the unit of local government, and the appointment of Rear Admiral / Mohamed Abdel Moneim Alqurmany governor of the Sinai. 29 May 1974
Egypt to regain the Sinai oil wells "Holiday oil" from the hands of the Zionists. 17 November 1975
Second Disengagement between Israeli and Egyptian forces. 1975.M
The appointment of Rear Admiral / Ibrahim Fuad Nassar, governor of the Sinai . 16 November 1976
visit of the late President Sadat to Jerusalem . 20 November 1977
was the signing of the Camp David treaty between Egypt and Israel in Washington to mind the first step towards a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue peacefully. 26 May 1978
Appointment of Major General Mohamed Hussein Shawkat governor of the Sinai.  01 November 1978
Issuance of Presidential Decree No. 84 of the division of Sinai to the two provinces with the amendments to the administrative border between Sinai and the Suez Canal governorates. 24 February 1979
Raising the flag on the town of El Arish and complete Israeli withdrawal phase line Arish / Ras Mohamed . 26 May 1979
Complete the withdrawal of the second phase of the Sinai (6000 km 2) of the Abu Zenima even Abodrih . 26 July 1979
Complete the third phase of Israeli withdrawal (an area of 7 thousand km 2). 25 September 1979
appointment of Major General / Youssef Sabri Abu Taleb, the governor of North Sinai. 16 March 1980
Mrs. / Suzanne Mubarak inspects exhibition of productive families in northern Sinai and the province was the first province you visit after the election of President / Mohamed Hosni Mubarak President of the Republic. 1981 M.
Began to broadcast the first television channel Arab Republic of Egypt to the north of Sinai. 11 December 1981
Raising the flag on the northern Sinai town of Rafah, a declaration to complete the Israeli withdrawal from Sinai and the liberation of every home from any occupation. 25 April 1982
Meetings of the Commission Taba between Egypt and Israel, and ended with the Commission on the conditions and after years of arbitration ruling in favor of Egypt . 18 May 1982
To appoint Major General Manner Ahmed Shash governor of North Sinai . First inSeptember1982
Opening of the first college on the land of Sinai is the College of Education in El-Arish, Suez Canal University. 25 October 1982
began broadcasting north Sinai town of El Arish in the broadcasting. 25 April 1984
President Mubarak Inaugurates Composite Model Information Arish. 25 April 1985
President Mubarak's visit to the city of Rafah / Zuid-Sheikh (Imam Ali district of Rafah and chalets - Farms Sheikh Zuwaid) . 22 April 1986
Opening of the new building of the Centre for Media Rafah model . 25 April 1988
Establishment of Sinai Company for coal with a capital of 70 million pounds. 01 July 1988
Second visit of the Lady Virtuous / Suzanne Mubarak with the opening of new headquarters of the Association of productive families. 1989 M.
The return of Taba to the Egyptian government.  19 March 1989
Visit of President / Mohamed Hosni Mubarak to the village of Sama El-Arish  8 May, 1991
President Mubarak has bid farewell to President / Yasser Arafat Rafah land port for the first time after self-government negotiations. 12 July 1994
Source: - Information Center
 Release date: - April 2010
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