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History of sinai
Sinai and the National Project for the Development of Sina
The Council of Ministers approved the national project for the development of Sinai.   13 October, 1994
The appointment of Rear Admiral / Mohamed Ahmed Dessouky Giati governor of North Sinai .  16 January 1996
President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, opened  a coal mine cave and start it .  7 July, 1996
The first shipment of export coal to Turkey from the port of El-Arish.  12 August, 1996
President / Mohamed Hosni Mubarak,  opend the third tunnel to siphon canal Sheikh Jaber (Al-Salam Canal) where he was the name of Sheikh Jaber, prince of Kuwait on a branch-Salam Canal in Sinai passing because of his great contribution in the establishment of this canal . 11 January 1996
Behavioral appoint Major-General on the governor of North Sinai.  9 July, 1997
President Mubarak launched the start signal the start of the first drop of water from Nile to Sinai for the first time in modern history through the tunnels to siphon the four-Salam Canal, which pass under the Suez Canal about 42 meters took action in siphon  Salam Canal 3 years.  26 October, 1997
President Mubarak inaugurates Mubarak Hospital international military conference and attend the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and endorses the principle of ownership of land squatters to the people of Sinai.  11 June, 1997
Signing of the contract to build a natural gas complex at Sheikh Zuwaid.  2 August, 1998
Linked to maintaining the Unified National Grid Electricity
President Mubarak and King Abdullah of  Jordan was inaugurated first phase of the electric line connecting with Jordan  16 March, 1999
Aappoint Major General Ahmed Abdel Hamid Mohammad as governor of North Sinai.  1 November, 1999
Linked to the heavy industry zone of the Unified National Grid Electricity.  2 October, 2000
Completion of the implementation of a gas pipeline across the Sinai from south of Port Said until Sheikh Zuwaid .
President / Mubarak Inaugurates Bridge (Mubarak Al-Salam for cars over the Suez Canal).  6 October, 2001
 President / Mubarak inaugurates first phase of the railway line Ismailia / Rafah to Bir al-Abed.  16 November, 2001
Ms. / Suzanne Mubarak, President of the Egyptian Red Crescent hand over the charge for food and medicine and aid to the Palestinian side during the second revolution  (Al-Aqsa Intifada).  29 April, 2002
Completion of the gas pipeline the heavy industry zone in central Sinai line steam-gas power plant.
 President / Mubarak and King Abdullah bin Hussein of Jordan opened a gas pipeline Arish - Taba length of 264 km at a cost of $ 200 million.  27 July, 2003
Terrorist bombings in Taba.  8 October, 2004
Death of President Yasser Arafat  11 November, 2004
Terrorist bombings in Sharm el-Sheikh.  23 July, 2005
An explosive car troop-mail MFO Sheikh Zuwaid   15August 2005
Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip .  12 September 2005
Invasion of the Egyptian-Palestinian border by 100 thousand Palestinians after Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.  12 September, 2005
Re-run the Rafah land port after Israel's full withdrawal from the Gaza Strip .  25November, 2005
Start building developers within the port of Rafah  10 December,2005
Terrorist bombings of three city of Dahab.  24 April, 2006
Terrorists bombings near Airport Jura kills only the perpetrators of the attacks .  26April, 2006
Bbreak into a group of armed Palestinians to the port of Rafah from the East to bring stranded Palestinians to the Gaza Strip.  14 July, 2006
  Opening  the University of Sinai. October-2006
Minister of Electricity and Energy called the power supply to 7 villages in central Sinai (center of Nekheal) through the medium voltage network  4 April, 2007
Fire from an ambush a policeman on a pickup with no license plates has died driver of the vehicle and facilities was followed by a sit-in on the international border in the next day in the village of Mahdia in Rafah and the threat of displacement to the other side if the government did not respond to their demands has been decoding sit and give out even the beginning of July to meet the demands of (pardon the prisoners - to change some security leaders).  25 April, 2007
Elmasora demonstration in Rafah to protest against the decision to demolish the houses of the adhesive border for a distance of 150 m and claim the debt schedule and Development Bank, agricultural credit and providing job opportunities for young people and to give permits for fishing in the sea, and an amnesty for detainees in prisons  30 July, 2007
Demonstrations town of El Arish in a dispute between the family and clan Alfoakharip Sahabin of the tribe Tarabin result in destroying the headquarters of the National Party and the facades of local People's Council of the county and the city council and the headquarters of Al-Arish Faculty of Education. 6 to 7 October 2007
Allow Palestinian pilgrims from the Gaza Strip to perform the pilgrimage through the port of Rafah. 3 to 4 December 2007
The return of Palestinian pilgrims through the port of Rafah after performing the obligatory prayers.  2 January, 2008
A group of women accompanied by some Palestinian militants sweep a port of Rafah in the east, to demand the lifting of the siege on the Gaza Strip.  22 January, 2008
Invasion of the Egyptian-Palestinian border by 750 thousand Palestinian citizen after the Israeli siege and closure of the Rafah land port for more than six months  23 January, 2008
Close gaps in the Egyptian-Palestinian border as a prelude to regulate traffic.  2February, 2008
Ms. / Mrs. Mubarak opens Al-Arish National Museum and inspect the Sinai and the University opens the new headquarters of the National Council for Women.  16 March, 2008
Major General   / Mohamed Shousha oath in front of Mr. / President of the Republic governor of North Sinai.  21 April, 2008
Dr . Ahmed Nazif, the Prime Minister to visit North Sinai and opened a number of projects.  27 October, 2008
Demonstration Naga Shabana and detaining officer rank of brigadier general of the Central Security Forces and twenty soldiers in almedfonp on the eastern border following the shooting on the previous day from an ambush of police in the area between good and Baghdad, kills one of the Bedouin and the injury of the other tribe Tarabin.  11 November, 2008
Israel invades the Gaza Strip, bombing civilian and government installations for a period of 22 days and result in the invasion of the martyrdom of more than 1300 Palestinians and wounding more than 5 thousand people.  27 December, 2008
Appointment of Major General / Murad Mohammed Mowafy governor of North Sinai and Admiral / Mohamed Shousha governor of South Sinai  3  January, 2010
Convoy Lifeline (3) moving from the port of El Arish to the city of Gaza through the Rafah land port and throwing stones at the Egyptian border, resulting in the martyrdom of soldiers from the Egyptian border guards.  6 January, 2010
Torrent Albrt strong sweeping the villages and cities and Alqureip palm trees and well-and Al-Arish.  18 January, 2010
Dr . Ahmed Nazif, Prime Minister inspects flood damage.  20 January, 2010
First Lady of Egypt Mrs. / Suzanne Mubarak will meet with the town of El Arish Gentlemen officials to remove the effects of flood that hit the province  31 January, 2010
Opening of the exhibition galleries town of El Arish has participated in the exhibition, 76 artists were fine display 75 paintings, a work of art in the hall of the National Museum of Antiquities  26 April, 2010
Egypt's First Lady / Suzanne Mubarak will open the village with Elhasna  a beginning pilot projects, the Red Crescent Society in collaboration with the conservative Foundation for the Development of Sinai as an input to the President of the beginning of continuous development in the Sinai has cost the establishment of 13 million pounds were distributed to 48 units and a family of nomads in the middle.  27 April, 2010
The appointment of Major General / Mr. Abdul Wahab Congratulations Governor of North Sinai.
30 January , 2011
Source: - Information Center
 Release date: - April 2010
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