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History of sinai
Sinai and the Islamic conquest of Egypt
In the reign of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab passed the Islamic army led by Amr Ibn al-Egyptian border in terms of the Sham and progress towards Rafah and El Arish, and then Farma northern Kantara current, where the trapped about two months before the fall and on to the Bilbeis where he defeated the Roman army after the besieged for a month and then took over the village "Om deneen" and place of the current Uzbek garden and was at that time located on the Nile and the same port for docking.  639 M. Hijjah 10
Hawqal - Arab geographer defines the Sinai in the map drawn in the book "The image of the earth" and shows that the borders of Egypt extends crossing Qulzum (Gulf of Suez) to the Mount Sinai medetearian to the in around on the El Arish and Rafah, as the son of Hawqal"Elteah" where he lived Israelis after in aljvar out and select the one hand, and Mount Sinai and the surrounding areas on the other hand 988 M.
Abu Obeid Bakrie Arab traveler to visit the Sinai and referred to in the book "Tract and kingdoms," which translate into French Arabist "Mac Kogen" and a brochure called "Description of North Africa 1094 M.
Salah-eldin Elayoby established the Castle Mbaouk and Castle Basha . 1118 M.
The Egyptian army moved by Saladin Aperseina for the Liberation of Jerusalem have been his, after fierce battles and victory in Hattin. 1187 M.
Hajj Durr shagara with a convoy of pilgrims to Mecca through the Sinai, in what is known as the first to use this route, which starts from Agroud north of Suez, and then Nekheal Aqaba (Ayla old). 1248 M.
Victory of  Egyptian forces on Friday, 26 Ramadan in the year 658 AH, led by Sultan Saifuddin Qtz( Ean Goliath )in a battle on the Mongols, corresponding to Friday, 26 Ramadan in the year 658 AH. 1260 M.
Beabears Elzaher (Sultan of the Mamluks in Egypt) was the first ceremony puts "Charge-Sharif" to the land of Hijaz by sending loader comes with pilgrims through the Sinai 1266 M.
Fall of Akaa, the last stronghold of the crusaders at the hands of Egyptian forces led by the Mamluk Sultan Khalil bin Qalawun. 1291 M.
The famous Arab traveler Ibn Battuta describes his journey across the Sinai by the way, beginning at the historic old Salhya to Palestine. 1326 M.
Nekheal castle built in the era of the Mamluk Sultan Qansua Ghury which is on the pilgrimage route known as The Egyptian (Elkhan) Castle is located above the Nekheal high plateau rises 1750 meters above sea level, right lane Abu Treafa. 1501-1516 M.
Sultan Qansua Ghury the pilgrimage route boot "loader-Sharif" and record that on the impact of the ( Arakeel elbagla), and most important of these effects Castle Nekheal. 1516  M.
Aqaba Castle built in the reign of the Mamluk Sultan Qansua Ghury. 1516 M.
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