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History of sinai
Sinai and the French campaign on Egypt

Napoleon was preparing to march on Syria through the Sinai and ordered Gen. Lograng (Renea commander of Task Force) to explore one of the important castles in the presence of Qatih one of the important castles in the Sinai.  23 December, 1798
Clipper forces left Qatih who took over the leadership after Renea.  11February, 1799
Napoleon's arrival to the city of El Arish has faced great difficulties in Napoleon to attack the castle-Arish, where the brave resistance faced by the sons of the French city of Arish, where the castle is the castle of El-Arish important castles and fortified.  17 February, 1799
The officer who sent to Cairo,by Napoleon reached and his squadron of soldiers holding open Arish News and flags captured from the French and the Mamelukes with prisoners after the takeover of the French to take Napoleon Arish in the direction of the north. First in March 1799
Napoleon Bonaparte Interested in Monastery of St. Catherine as a place religiously important and a bulwark of the forts strong in the Sinai has issued since coming to Sinai circular regulates the relations between the monastery and the state took an interest in the path of pilgrimage in the Sinai as important monastery of St. Catherine's monks, despite the problems that were plaguing the French campaign. 1799 M. 
Clipper signed with Turkey the Convention El Arish, which provides for the campaign out its duties at the expense of Turkey, but Britain did not agree to this agreement, prompting the French to another war with Turkey and they were victorious in the Battle of Ain Shams.  24 January, 1800
The peace negotiations between the French and the Ottomans and the site of El Arish was signed the Treaty of El Arish in 1800 and the Treaty provides as follows: French undertakes to evacuate region Qatih and Elsalhaya Bilbeis and after ten days of ratification of the Treaty and the French evacuated the city of Cairo after a month of the date of signing the agreement and undertake the transfer of Turkish troops and arms to the French army luggage has written the treaty in French and Turkish.  28 January, 1800
Turkish army withdrew of the to the borders of Palestine.  20 March, 1800
Sultan Selim III issued a decree to the Ottoman Ismail Pasha of Egypt and the Governor of El-Arish, ordering castle named Jacob Agha (from Sinai) Qomendana Ali Arish garrison for bravery and loyalty in the fight against the French. 1800 M.
Evacuation of the French campaign on Egypt . 1 August, 1801
Qasim Agha, son of  Jacob Agha Castle handles Arish. 1805 M. 



Source: - Information Center .
 Release date: - April 2010 

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