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History of sinai
Sinai and the British occupation
The Eyes of Youth Sinai to monitor the movements of Palmer and his companions and follows the news and his movements even agreed tribes among them the need to sacrifice for the country so they decided to eliminate the mission and its personnel and disrupt the British plan and fail and have already managed to suppress on that mission in the August 11, 1882 (where he was the target of This mission money to woo the tribes not to join the Orabi against the British).  11August, 1882
Appoint Mustafa Shafiq bek  governor of the Sinai. 1883 M .
Began the entrance to the Palestine Zionist thought the emergence of Jewish nationalism and the call to Palestine and the continued Jewish immigrants flocked to Palestine driven by hopes of raping her long day.  1887 M .
In the reign of Muhammad Tawfiq Pasha caused Arish Interior and appointed by the governor of a non-military, assisted by some police officers and caused the city of Tur's North labyrinth after it was affiliated to the Suez economic activity was affected after a break of the Egyptian pilgrimage since 1884 through the Sinai and take another route is by sea entered the Sinai in the judicial system after the issuance of the rankings civil courts in 1883 and joined it to the jurisdiction of the Courts Department Zagazig were excluded from the province of El Arish, which was introduced by the judicial system in 1884 within the jurisdictions Court of Mansoura, but soon what has transferred to the Court of Zagazig in 1889 and is the customary system is the prevailing system and mostly in the Sinai.  1892 M .
The appointment of Saad Bey Refeat governor of the Sinai. 1892 M .
Khedive Abbas II's visit to the city of the Tur and the great mosque, bath, bathroom, Moses Pharaoh.  22June, 1896
 The appointment of Osman Bey Fareed as Governor of the Sinai. 1897 M .
Bey Abbas Hilmi II creates line telegraph from Suez to the city Tur as well as many of the lines set up by in-Arish, which was reached between Egypt and Syria's. Khedive Abbas keenness on the allocation of salaries fixed for the elders and heads of clans and tribes in the Sinai after the deteriorated economic conditions due to change in line of Hajj land to the sea. 1897 M .
Khedive Abbas II's visit to the town of El Arish and Rafah in the border line between Egypt and the Levant, was accompanied in the visit, Sinai Governor Fred Osman has been commemorate this anniversary inscription on one of the pillars of the border in Rafah 1898 M .
Appointment of  Hamid Mukhtar  Proxy Prince governor . 1901 M .
Composition of a new English company for the exploitation of the turquoise in the Sinai peninsula. 1901 M .
Aappointment of Mahmoud Sadek Bey governor of Sinai. 1901 M .
The appointment of Mohammed Sadiq Bey governor of Sinai. 1902 M .
Committee Herzl (the founder of the Zionist movement) up to the Sinai to ask British authorities to hire the coast of northern Sinai for the establishment of Jewish settlements it.  1902 M .
Appointment Admiral Mohammad Aslam Bey governor of the Sinai . 1903 M .
A landmark meeting between Herzl and the Jewish millionaire Rothschild on the draft of Jewish settlements in the Sinai and Herzl View Map schemes and the extension of the Sinai and Palestine before the Rothschild and pointed his finger at Al-Arish and said: From here begins to move. 1903 M .
Theodor Herzl required procedures necessary arrangements to sign a contract to rent the Sinai and El Arish, so that the concession period of 99 years of the Zionist movement and the granting of guarantees and rights colonial possible.  25 March, 1903
Confidential letter from Herzl to the Jewish millionaire Rothschild, informing him of the collapse of the plan of colonization of the Sinai and El Arish on Egypt because of the inability to dispense with a large amount of water necessary for the project. 31-May-1903
Aappointment of Mohammed kamel Proxy Prince governor of  Sinai.  1904 M .
found a number of distorted patterns by some signs came from the Egyptian hieroglyphs near the turquoise mines in the Sinai Peninsula were used to write in another language may have been a Semitic language and the number of these signs soundtracks thirtieth at most. 1905 M .
The English archaeologist - Flinders Petrie - Up to Sinai at the head of mission to study the effects and filming their carvings and transfer fees in preparation for publication. 1905 M .
Reset your Amerallay Saad bey as Governor of the Sinai (1905-1906). 1905 M .
Incident in Taba, which has caused a crisis of a sudden and sharp divisions between Egypt and Turkey, after Turkey's occupation of some sites on the Gulf of Aqaba and Rafah, in preparation to extract the Sinai from Egypt to Otralinmar British Turkey's re-marks the border into place and the continuity of the line of the eastern border (the current) and the signing of the border between Egypt and Turkey to determine the border line between Egypt and Turkey, "Israel now," and the establishment of the interest of the Egyptian border, following the Taba incident.  1906 M .
join Sinai to the Intelligence Service English and the appointment of Parker your first Governor of the English of the Sinai and was running at the same time, deputy director of intelligence English in Egypt (1906-1923) (it is noteworthy that under the governing Sinai conservatives british until 1946 according to this system). 1906 M .
Khedive Abbas Helmi, issue an order re-formation of the Egyptian Committee mandate under Egypt to define the boundary line and return the columns to remove Turkish troops to the place in Taba in Sinai.  22 May, 1906
Signing of the border between Egypt and Turkey to identify the eastern border line between Egypt and Palestine and the original version written in Turkish and have Translate one Arab and one English and accompanied by a map of the border line.  22 October, 1906
Establishment of the interest of the Egyptian border at Taba, the impact of the famous incident. 1906 M .
Called (Alqomndania) (Directorate) and the title of its ruler, director and manager appointed by the District Officer status of Nekheal, and the Inspector General with the rank Bkbay often resides in El Arish, both officers of the English army of Egypt. 1907 M .
Beginning of the exploration and drilling for oil in the Sinai Peninsula.  1910 M .
Change the title of director of Sinai title and was named governor of the province to the country today. 1911 M .
District Proxy Prince Bemish Bey (English Nationality) governor of the Sinai. 1912 M .
Reset Park Bey governor of the Sinai . 1913 M .

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